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Frequently Asked Questions: 

  • Do your sites have full hookups?

    • All of our RV sites are full hookups. Our tent sites and cabins are primitive. ​

  • Do we have to pay in full when we book a site?

    • Yes, you pay for the full amount of the reservation when booking.

    • See the Rules/Regulations tab for our cancellation policy. 

  • Do you have phone service and/or Wi-Fi? 

    • T-Mobile has 5G service throughout the campground. Other providers have spotty service; however, we do offer Wi-Fi. 

  • Can I place a tent on my RV site along with my camper? 

    • Yes, as long as there is enough space on your RV gravel pad to accommodate the tent AND you don't go over the maximum number of people allowed per site.

    • A tent fee of $18 (half the cost of a tent site) will be applied per night. 

    • RV sites allow up to five (5) people. Additional campers are $5.00 per day with a max occupancy of eight (8) people per site.

  • Do you have seasonal sites?

    • Not at this time. Since we are brand new, we have not started accepting seasonal campers yet. We will make an announcement if this changes.​​

  • What is your physical address? 

    • 15199 Bergton Road

              Bergton, VA 22811

  • Do your cabins have bathrooms?

    • No, they are all be primitive; however, they are within an easy walk to the bathhouse. ​

  • Are golf carts allowed at the campground?

    • Yes, and we encourage people to bring them because the campground is on a large piece of property. Only electric golf carts and bicycles are allowed and they must be registered at the check-in station along with a valid driver's license and insurance card.  ​

  • Can I choose my favorite site for my reservation?

    • Yes, if you pay the $10 lock-in fee while booking, this guarantees the site of your choice. ​

  • Can I bring my own firewood?

    • Yes and no. Our property borders the George Washington National Forest. In an effort to protect our National Forest from foreign diseases and insects, we can not allow foreign wood to enter the property. You may bring in kiln dried firewood, locally purchased firewood, or purchase firewood directly from us. Please visit for more information. 

  • What discounts do you offer?

    • Buy 6 nights, get the 7th free!

      • We offer a weekly discount - buy 6 nights, get the 7th free! ​RV Sites ONLY.

    • WeekDAY Deals - 10% Savings on 2 or More Nights!

      • Arriving Sunday - Wednesday? Save 10% per night when you stay 2 or more days. RV Sites ONLY. Use Promo Code: WEEKDAY

    • Check our our booking page for additional promotions!

  • Do I need a fishing license? 

    • No license is required to fish in our ponds; however, if you plan to fish in the river, a valid VA fishing license is required. 

  • Can we kayak from this spot?

    • Sure...if the river is up! Unfortunately, this span of river does not typically stay deep enough for kayaking. 


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